Thank you for your interest in SCT Technology, Inc. Below are all of our current service offerings. Call us at 901-389-8373.

 Digital Mobile Stamp  Quick Checkout With TabbedOut
SmallPicMSThis is our latest service: Mobile Punch Card. Turn those paper punch cards into a robust and easy to use mobile app. The smart stamp is the most innovative product on the market which makes mobile punch cards secure and verifiable. We also have Tablet Loyalty which is a simple and beautiful tablet loyalty program for your counter. Call for a demo!! SmallPicTabbedOut is a free app for your customers & lets them open, view and pay bar and restaurant tabs with their phone. It eliminates the need to flag down a waitstaff, wait in a line at the end of the night or go back to a venue to find a card you left behind. You can also use TabbedOut to split a check among friends, letting the app do all the math for you and eliminating the hassle for your waitstaff dealing with a mountain of credit cards.
 Local Business Directories  Premium ‘Micro’ Web Sites
We assist local clients & customers by providing them with a business directory. Speak to us for your free listing. Exclusive, premium business directory pages are also available. Digital mobile coupons can be integrated with this service.   Is your website mobile friendly? Did you know that 67% of mobile visitors are unlikely to return to a web site if they have a bad experience with the site? We are at the early stages of the mobile revolution. Contact us today so we can assist you with your mobile web site needs.
 Digital Online Coupons  Custom QR Codes
 To increase customer purchasing, digital mobile coupons can take you to the next level of revenue. We can also put intelligence behind your coupon functionality.  Everyone has seen the boring black and white squares that can be scanned to access a website or digital coupon. We can create unique, colorful QR Codes that include your company logo within the Code.
 Social Media Integration  Campaign Tracking & Analytics
 Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube are huge for generating business. We can integrate social media with mobile technology so that you get maximum exposure to your customers. Do you know what your ROI (Return on Investment) is right now for your various online marketing efforts? We have analytic software which will assist you in understanding what is successful in your marketing campaigns.
 Voting, Polling & Surveys  Call Us Today!
Ever wanted to tap into what your customers are thinking? We can work with you to create online surveys to align you with what your customers really want.

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